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Teletext Information

Captured Teletext Pages


ITV Page 601 - VPT This is a page that is specific only to carlton television. The information look normal, but with the correct decoding equipment it would be possible to programme a video recorder by selecting the programme that the user wants to record. The information is transmitted using the packet 26 which is the Enhanced display facilities and VPT.
This is a series of pages that are available on Channel 4. It is required how ever that the user has fastext as pseudo pages are used. The information on these pages is updated everyday and consists of a series of ten questions that can be answered by pressing one of the four coloured fastext (Packet 27) buttons. C4 Page 10F -
ITV Page 379 - Teletext Ltd Control Page
Commercial Teletext Licence (DBI) Test Page. This page could be used with a Decoding Margin Meter to measure the signal quality. This works by measuring the effective separation between the worst '0' & '1' over several VBI lines. ITV Page 798 - DBI Test Page

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