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Example Configs

Cisco Async Configuration


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Cisco routers allow reverse telnet, i.e. its possible to telnet to a router port and attach to a device attached to an async line. A rotary group allow a group of async lines to be configured as one IP address. The TCP port numbers are as follow: -


Base Line TCP Port Base Rotary TCP Port Service
2000+ Line No. 3000+ Rotary No. Async Connection
4000+ Line No. 5000+ Rotary No. Binary Connection
6000+ Line No. 7000+ Rotary No. Binary Connection (CR converted to CR+LF)
9000+ Line No. 10000+ Rotary No. XRemote Protocol

line 33
    speed 9600
    databits 8
    parity none
    stopbits 1
    modem inout
    autocommand telnet /noecho

Reverse Telnet
line 1 16
   no exec
   transport input telnet
   stopbits 1 Top

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