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IEEE Standards

X3.92     Encryption Algorithm
X3.135    Structured Query Language (SQL)
X3T9.5    Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
802.1     Highter Layer LAN Protocols Working Group
		b General Management
		D Spanning Tree Algorithm
		e System Load Protocol
		g Remote MAC Bridging
		p Quality of Service and Multicast support
		Q Virtual LANs
                s Multiple Spanning Trees
		w Rapid Reconfiguration of Spanning Tree
		G Remote Bridges
802.2     Logical Link Control
802.3     Ethernet Working Group
		a  10BASE-2
		b  Broadband Ethernet
		c  Definition of a hub
		i  10BASE-T
		j  10BASE-F
		u  100BASE-T
		z  1000BASE-X
		ab 1000BASE-T
		ad Link Aggregation
		ae 10G/s Ethernet
		af Power over Ethernet
		ah Ethernet in the First Mile
802.4     Token Bus Networks
802.5     Token Ring Networks
		j Fibre-Optic Station Attachment
		q Virtual Bridged LANs: Source Routing
		r Dedicated Token Ring
		t 100 Mbit/s Dedicated Token Ring
		u Optical Fiber Physical Layer for 100 MBit/s
		v Gigabit Token Ring
802.6     Metropolitan Area Networks
802.7     Broadband Technical Advisory Group
802.8     Fiber-Optic Technical Advisory Group
802.9     Isochronous LAN Working Group
802.10    Security Working Group 
802.11    Wireless LAN Working Group
		a 54Mbps 5GHz band
		b 11Mbps 2.4GHz band
		e QoS 
		g 54Mbps 2.4GHz band
802.12    Demand Priority (100VG-AnyLAN)
802.13    Not used
802.14    Cable-TV Based Broadband
802.15    Wireless Personel Area Network (WPAN) Working Group
		.1 Bluetooth
		.3 High Rate
802.16    Broadband Wireless Access Working Group
802.17    Resilient Packet Ring Working Group
802.18    Radio Regulatory TAG
802.19    Coexistence TAG
802.20    Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Working Group
802.21    Media Independent Handoff Working Group 
802.22    Wireless Regional Area Networks Top

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